可卡娱乐是一家隶属于亚裔国际集团旗下的传媒公司,公司承接各类大、中型公关、演出活动。从招商引资、活动创意策划及流程管理、媒体宣传及发布 、接待服务,酒店预订安排、车辆租赁及统筹 、及高端定制等服务。同时可以提供新媒体平台独立开发及平台搭建服务。

Koca Media Group was founded by Asian International Group which is undertaking all kinds of medium to large scale business planning, event productions and execution for local New Zealand companies. The company is committed to provide various support services to local businesses such as investment promotion, creative planning, process management, media and publishing, to hospitality services, car rental,etc. Koca Media is planning as a whole to deliver the high-end custom services for all clients, which means tailor made and supported to provide strong branding.